Adam Helman Art
Narrative Art
in Chicago, Illinois

Specialize in narrative paintings and paintings with implied stories

Oil Paintings on Canvas & Panel

Adam Helman is known for narrative painting and features oil painting on canvas, apart from the panel and paper painting. The art gallery is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Adam has been painting for more than 25 years and specializes in narrative paintings and paintings with implied stories.

About Adam Helman

Based in Chicago, Adam has been painting since the early 1990s. He was always interested in creating art that implies a story but does not explicitly tell one.

His paintings create a sense of ambiguity and mystery and invite viewers to make their interpretations.

Adam Helman Art

Inspired by Chicago

Living in Chicago has been a source of inspiration for Adam. Chicago’s beauty to him lies in the combination of old brick buildings and austere skyscrapers that are set into a regular grid crisscrossed by diagonal streets and elevated trains.

Representational Art

Adam is interested in representational art that relates to stories. His goal is to make paintings that raise questions for the viewer and encourage them to try to imagine the relationship between the people and places depicted.

Adam has experimented using single images on canvas, sometimes on a large scale. Adam has also worked on masonite panels, using several images in a single piece, all contained in a single frame.

Oil on Panel

Oil paintings on masonite panels with wooden frames, present multiple images within a single piece. In this approach, a varying color pallet, size, shape, and orientation heightens the visual and thematic aspects of these pieces.


Much of Adam’s work on paper is done to be a study for a larger piece. His process on paper is to paint quickly, which tends to give the paintings a fresh quality and a sense of energy.

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